Research and Experimentation Institute

Leader for over 40 years in the field of diagnostic, geognostic, geotechnical investigations as well as in construction materials quality certification and much more

Sidercem is engaged in scientific research, dissemination and training through workshops, seminars and conferences

The Sidercem research and experimentation institute has always committed its best resources to scientific research and the subsequent dissemination of results, as well as to training and education.

By dealing with and developing subjects such as the degradation of materials, maintenance, conservation and consolidation of historical buildings or engineering works, both civil and industrial, or asbestos research, Sidercem has always promoted the most recent and significant results acquired by the scientific community and shared them with a wider audience, through workshops, seminars, conferences as well as training and refresher courses aimed not only at its own technicians but also at the technical staff of Institutions and Public Administrations.


over 1.000.000

Research and experimentation institute

Among the most significant activities it can be included the inspection and surveillance of bridges, viaducts and tunnels. These require planning of the piece of work and, if necessary, the diagnosis of degradation phenomena and the control of the remaining performance capacity of the artefacts through bespoke experimental activities.

Social responsibility policy

The policy was established in order to fight the exploitation of children and improve working conditions accross the world. The specific areas of intervention are child labor, forced labor, health and safety of workers, freedom of association, discrimination, disciplinary measures, the amount of work and medium wages both for organisations and for the entire supply chain.