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Caltanissetta Laboratory
Via Libero Grassi n. 7 – 93100 Caltanissetta (CL)
Telephone: 0934 565012
Fax: 0934 575422

Misterbianco Laboratory
Via Giovanni Agnelli n. 22 – 95045 Misterbianco (CT)
Telephone: 095 476942
Fax: 095 475003

You can also contact our main areas of intervention directly at the following email addresses:

  • Technical-administrative area of ​​Caltanissetta Offices:
  • Technical-administrative area of ​​Misterbianco Offices (CT):
  • Caltanissetta Headquarters. L. 1086 – Hydraulic binders – Concrete – Bricks – Steel – Welding procedures:
  • Misterbianco Headquarters (CT). L. 1086 – Hydraulic binders – Concrete – Brickworks – Steel – Welding processes:
  • Caltanissetta headquarters. Geotechnics. Geotechnics / Rock mechanics / In situ tests:
  • Misterbianco Headquarters (CT). Geotechnics. Geotechnics / Rock mechanics / In situ tests:
  • Chemistry / Minerology and Petrography / Environmental Analysis:
  • Spontaneous application: