L. 1086/71

Area A – Division L.1086 / 71 operates under concession, pursuant to art. 20 L. n ° 1086 of 5/11/71, the main activity is represented by the mandatory controls prescribed in the Technical Regulations for construction works (published on SO n.8 GU n.42 of February the 20th 2018 referred to the Ministerial Decree of January the 17th 2018), for reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and steel constructions.

Among these, strong emphasis is given to the quality and acceptance controls of the aggregates for the packaging of cement mixtures (UNI 8520 – UNI EN 932 – UNI EN 933 – UNI EN 1097 – UNI EN 1744 – UNI EN 1367) and the mix design for the durable concrete execution (UNI EN 206/1).

In the field of steel structures controls, the concession is integrated, in between the two offices in Caltanissetta (CL) and in Misterbianco (CT), by the accreditation and synergy with the Certification Bodies of Welding Procedures (ISPESL, IIS, RI Na).

Sidercem has a table spectrophotometer and a portable spectrometer for the composition of steels, stainless steels, alloys, aluminum, as well as a metallographic area equipped for macrographic examinations (stereomicroscope) and structural analysis (metallographic microscope and scanning electron microscope (SEM)).

It meets the requirements and resources for the quality certification of welds into place with ultrasounds, penetrating liquids, magnetoscopy, X-rays, (CND).

It is possible to perform, thanks to the use of test machines in automatic control of the load gradient and full scale of 1000 kN, tests on harmonic steels, with the extensimetric analysis of the deformations and the determination of the elastic modulus, of wire ropes and Diwidag bars, without the prior lathe reduction.

Control Area

  • Tests on concretes
  • Tests on steels
  • Tests on brickworks
  • Tests on Hydraulic Binder
  • External Tests