The diagnostic division represents the link between all the activities carried out by Sidercem. In fact, it is impossible to maintain a correct approach towards a structural diagnosis problem if the geotechnical aspects, the quality of the materials, the characteristics of the degradation are not previously defined (according to chapter 8 of the Technical Standards for Construction).

Viaduct inspection

Ispezioni con By-Bridge – Viadotto “Geremia 2°”, S.S. n° 626 della Valle del Salso

Specific experience in each of the experimental activities and professional competence are essential and required factors in order to adequately size the survey, by harmonising the available resources and by defining the goals: operational safety, residual performance capacity, testing, consolidation, conservative restoration, etc….

Sidercem is able to formulate, according to the known elements and the preset goals, the full survey project including the graphical and technical specifications.

The Inspection and Surveillance sector is an integral part of the Diagnostic division which, through the use of the by-bridges (mobile walkways), is able to ensure periodic monitoring of both roadway works of art, building stock and historical and monumental heritage.

Control Area

  • Diagnosis of deterioration
  • Structural analysis
  • Static and dynamic tests
  • Inspection and Surveillance