The Environment division includes different skills and professionalisms, ranging from the natural materials chemistry (water, soil, rocks, aggregates) to the degradation phenomena of natural and artificial materials (cements, mortars, concretes, steel).

Scientific investigation laboratory where asbestos fibers are researched through an electron microscope

Scientific investigation laboratory – Asbestos research: SEM LEO 1430 electron microscope with integrated EDS microanalysis system from Oxford Instruments

Sidercem is part of the Ministry of Health Roll for asbestos research with three methodologies: MOCF (phase contrast optical microscopy), DRX (X-ray diffractometry), SEM (scanning electron microscope).

In recent years, the sensitivity towards issues related to environmental management and workplace safety has determined, within the Environment division, the development of a new area, connected to the research of polluted sites, waste analysis and classification, water, air and soil monitoring, water sampling and chemical-physical and microbiological analysis of surface, rivers, and lake waters, waste water subject to treatment and water intended for human consumption.

Control Area

  • Water: human consumption, natural, industrial and/or waste
  • Soils
  • Waste