Sidercem is a SOA certified company in the category OS 20-B class IV for geognostic investigations, surveys and in situ tests: penetrometric tests (static and dynamic), permeability tests, cross hole and down hole tests.

We are authorised by the MIT for carrying out load and density test on plate in situ, load tests on poles, micropiles, tie rods and walls.

The mandatory and voluntary activities carried out in the countryside are supported with specific expertise by a professional staff of geologists and engineers, experts in the design and programming of geotechnical and geognostic investigations in situ and in the laboratory management of geotechnical tests.

Control Area

  • Geognostic investigations
  • Investigations on foundation structures
  • Environmental geognostic investigations
  • Perforations
  • Permeability tests
  • Borehole tests