Research and development

The Sidercem Research and Experimentation Institute has always committed its best resources to scientific research and the subsequent dissemination of results, as well as training and education.

The active participation in the implementation of research projects applied to technological innovation in structural investigations, in the prefabrication and production of new materials, has made Sidercem a privileged partner of the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), allowing its registration to the Research Laboratories Roll.

By dealing with and developing subjects such as the degradation of materials, maintenance, conservation and consolidation of historical buildings or engineering works, both civil and industrial, or asbestos research, Sidercem has always promoted the most recent and significant results acquired by the scientific community and shared them with a wider audience, through workshops, seminars, conferences as well as training and refresher courses aimed not only at its own technicians but also at the technical staff of Institutions and Public Administrations.

There has always been a need for knowledge adjstment. For some years, by gaining experience from study days, seminars and guided tours in the laboratories, Sidercem has undertaken the path of AUTHORIZED TRAINER for non-profit Geologists and Engineers, in order to carry out scientific dissemination and experimentation development in the structural and geotechnical field of civil engineering; the initiative has found immediate support among numerous exponents of the academic and industrial world. These courses, based on theoretical-practical lessons, and held by university professors, as well as professionals with proven experience, allow learners to be issued with Training Credits for engineers and geologists.