After over twenty years of presence in the sector, Sidercem has gained considerable experience in terms of quality control and acceptance of materials; thanks to its experience it is able to intervene in any phase of the construction and maintenance of roads, highways, railways and airports.

In fact, the laboratory activity has been immediately supported by the availability of technicians and tools designed to check the work in progress, as well as the preliminary qualification of the quarries and the full operation of the commissioning of the production plants of bituminous conglomerates.

Sidercem operates under the certified quality system UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and it is accredited by the major Administrations, owners and grantors of roadway and railway infrastructures.

Expert technicians ensure assistance in the investigations management, in the Misterbianco (CT) and Caltanissetta (CL) Laboratories, during on-site tests, and with the use of properly equipped mobile units.

Tecnici esperti assicurano l’assistenza nella gestione delle indagini, nei laboratori di Misterbianco (CT) e Caltanissetta (CL), durante le prove in situ, anche con il ricorso ad unità mobili opportunamente attrezzate.

The influence of the SHRP program on the scientific community, and the increasingly frequent demand for its parameters in relation to the design and maintenance of the roadway infrastructures, has led Sidercem to gain new and even more advanced technologies, which allow us to always offer high quality standards.

Control Area

  • Bituminous conglomerates
  • Bitumen
  • Controls in progress
  • Road superstructures